DJ, producer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada


UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Freeform / Hard Trance


Early influences: Euphoria, Dougal & Gammer, Breeze & Styles, Deadfunk, Brisk & Ham, Re-Con, Squad-E, Hixxy


Actual influences: Alaguan, S3RL, Noc.V, Stonebank, Darren Styles, Stu Infinity, Technikore


Songs featured on labels such as: Executive Records, Executive Digital, EMFA Music, Justice Hardcore, Go Hard Digital, Kanibalz Digitalz, Ruffbeatz, Flicked Bean Recordings


Shared the stage with some of the biggest in the scene: S3RL, Gammer, Sharkey, DJ Entity, Matduke, Deadfunk, Tamerax, Toneshifterz, DJ Stephanie, The Divider, The Viper, Endymion, Lenny Dee, Hellsystem, DJ Mutante, Merkurius, John 00 Fleming, Micky Noise, Gnaïa